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Virtual Financial Group

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 Virtual financial group managing financial statement analysis, modeling and reporting, investor relations strategies and project management. Specialist in Fundamental Analysis, Financial Modeling & Reporting, Investor Relations, Industry & Market Research, Investor Presentations, Cash Flow & Risk Management.

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Tips Before You Choose An Financial Adviser

 Result-oriented financial advisor’s decision is worth persevering for it saves you a lot of money and lots more worries. But how do you know what type (or types) of adviser(s) you need?

Something you should be clear about right at the first: A financial adviser is no God-send messiah whom you must bow to; neither is he doing you any one-sided favour. He has honed his skills over the years so that you can spot him right away in the crowd and while he is doing you a favour by setting your financial course right, you are also doing the same to him by giving him a chance to prove himself and add another plume to his hat. A financial adviser is no one without his clients, so deal things professionally. You have every right to know what’s behind each step he takes and guidelines that he is following; from your side, you must be fair with his fees and must not expect to move mountains in exchange of molehill-amounts. We hope that settles the doubts that made the task of choosing a suitable financial advisor seem daunting earlier in time. Read more at


5 ways to get financially fit

Getting your finances into order doesn’t require a week of your holiday glued to a computer screen. In fact it’s much simpler than that. Read the following five steps to stay financially fit.


Staying financially fit is dependent on what comes in versus what goes out. If you haven’t got a handle on your income and outgoings, then you may as well be scoffing a Mars bar for every kilometre you tick off on the accounting treadmill. Read more at






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